O2 Head Quarter Building, Slough

Metal mesh

Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects
Mesh: Tigris
















Sun shading solution with stainless steel mesh at O2 Headquarter Building in Slough. Stainless Steel Mesh is very effective in providing the required aesthetics plus the sustainable desing provide many other advantages:

  • Allow natural light into the building and reduce the cost of lighting, which is not possible with other lourver systems.
  • Reduce the day time glare and provide visibilty through the mesh, which is not possible with lourvers.
  • Reduce the heat load on the building in summer months, which helps to recuce airconditioning cost.
  • Filtered air speed that reduces impact of strong wind on the building.
  • Controlled airflow help to keep the windows open for longer hours in naturally ventilated buildings.
  • Help to reduce light pollution in urban environment.
  • Provide prevacy to the occupents.
  • Long life, low maintanece and completely recyclable.

Opaqueness and transparency is achieved through reflectance of light.  The view through the mesh is important for the occupants, thanks to the special characteristics of mesh it appears almost like a tinted glass when you stand away from the edge of the facade, this effect is created when the entire field of vision is filled with mesh.




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